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Title: Ode to Birds 3

Technique: Mixed technique (charcoal, dry pastel and acrylic)

Support: Linen canvas

Format: 53x 210 cm

Year: 2020


Odes to Birds 3 is part of a series of 5 kakemonos. The danger of bird extinction particularly affects me. This work was made with their cause in mind. The charcoal line is strong and dark like urgency. The gray blues evoke lost beauty. The spiral of time turns and the loss is irremediable ... More births, 1 egg ... hope ... 1 giant eye which looks at this "spectacle" that of a human or that of a bird which us request to act?

L'oeuvre est réalisée sur papier épais de haute qualité et présentée comme un Kakemono japonais : avec 2 baguettes de bois. Elle est prête à être accrochée au mur. Il est aussi possible de l'encadrer.

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