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Title of this painting: "atmosphere"

Instinctive and gestural imaginary painting.

Painting that expresses the vital energy of the Nature: the sky, the clouds, imaginary organic forms seem to rise. 

Profusion of living forms: animal, vegetable, mineral.

Main colors black, white  and blue-grey.

Large vertical format of the kakemono type that blends with a contemporary interior.

Support: rice paper mounted on a heavy weight paper (300g/m2).

The dimensions of the work are width 35cm x height 125cm. The dimensions of the set are: width 50cmx height 150cm.

Ready to be framed.

Supplied in a roll. 



Sales Tax Included

    Original work by Florence Laurent, delivered with certificate of authenticity

    Secure delivery within 7 days on average

    Technical Mixed technique (Indian ink and Oil)
    Support Handcrafted 300g watercolor paper
    Draw Single work


    35cm x 125cm (artwork)

    50cm x 150cm (pasted artwork)




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