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French contemporary painter Florence Laurent


about the artist flo


Florence Laurent is lucky enough to live in the heart of the Montpellier garrigue (in the south of France). Her workshop is nestled in old limestone quarries. It is in this haven of tranquility and softness that she practices painting, inspired by the minerals and plants that surround her.

It is through personal work for 30 years, by participating in workshops led by experienced painters, that she acquired the basics of figuration. She experimented with different drawing techniques (red chalk, charcoal, dry pastel) and paintings (watercolor, oil, acrylic).

A chemical engineering degree and a thesis did not detract from her true passion. Indeed, she chose to devote her life to her family and to painting rather than a career as a researcher. For 20 years she has exhibited in regional exhibitions. Her children having taken off, it is now fully and professionally that she devotes herself to it with heart.


Her painting today is a personal evocation of Nature. Between abstraction and figuration, the viewer's imagination has its place, even if he can recognize certain elements, animals or symbols. His recent work is devoted to the evocation of birds: of the freedom and spiritual elevation that they symbolize for all and more particularly for the painter during his creation.

Colors, their clever mix and harmonies are at the heart of her approach. The beginnings of the work are carried out in a state of letting go, in an intuitive way, leaving the gesture free. A sort of silent dialogue is then established between the canvas and its emotions. She directs it with delicacy by playing with the composition, modifying values, respecting life and primitive energy as much as possible. The work ultimately reflects an unconscious state of connection with the inner being, the moments of contemplation in front of Nature but also the dark side that it lets appear without judgment.


She uses different supports: canvas, wood, cardboard and paper, each of them for their own qualities. Above all, she likes to play with the infinite magic of mixing colors and their chords, mainly in acrylic. She does not prevent herself from mixing acrylic with other techniques such as dry pastel for its powdery effect, Indian ink or charcoal for graphics.
For certain works, she chooses a narrow palette of broken tones, but can also make intense colors vibrate, everything is a question of state of mind at the start of the work. She likes to use the many effects that acrylic allows : impasto, sgraffito, projections, work with a knife, brush, finger, glaze ... with great freedom.




  • décembre Art at Biar, Lavérune (34)

  • octobre Portes ouvertes d'atelier de la région Occitanie, Sussargues (34)

  • juillet Galerie St Barthélémy de Don, Sanary-sur-mer (81)

  • juin Printemps des Artistes sussarguois, Sussargues (34)

  • mai Salon de Assas (34)

  • avril Galerie Saint Ravy, Briscarts, Montpellier (34)


  • December 2020 and January 2021 Office Notarial de Baillargues (34)

  • February-March 2021 Galerie l'Artesan , Montpellier (34)

  • February-March 2021 Polyclinique de Sète, Sète (34)

  • March 21-22 Galerie Fresque Arte Povera , Sommières (30)

  • May 29 Lez market, Montpellier (34)

  • June 26 Printemps des artistes, Sussargues (34)

  • June 27 Place aux arts, Montpellier (34)

  • June to September 'Toutes toiles dehors', Ganges (34)

  • September 23-27 SMART, Aix en Provence (13)

  • October 2021 Sussargues workshop open house (34)

  • November 2021 Salon Arteyran (34)

  • December 2021 Salon Assas (34)

Interview de l'artiste peintre femme Florence Laurent
ancre1 expositions



  • May 2016 Library of Sussargues (34)

  • 2013 to 2020 Open house workshop, Sussargues (34)


  • Nov 2020 Salon Arteyran (34), postponed for COVID

  • June 2020 Place aux arts, Montpellier (34), postponed for COVID

  • May 2020 Galerie La Fabrik, Sommières (30), canceled for COVID

  • March 2020 Salon ART3f Toulouse (31)

  • June 2019 Open house Atelier La Ruche, Castelnau le Lez (34)

  • June 2018 Open house Atelier La Ruche, Castelnau le Lez (34)

  • June 2017 Open house Atelier La Ruche, Castelnau le Lez (34)

  • June 2016 Open house Atelier La Ruche, Castelnau le Lez (34)

  • June 2015 Open house Atelier La Ruche, Castelnau le Lez (34)

  • June 2015 Place aux arts, Montpellier (34)

  • June 2014 Open house Atelier La Ruche, Castelnau le Lez (34)

  • May 2014 Printemps des Artistes, Sussargues (34)

  • nov 2013 Les Portes de l'art, Montferrier sur Lez (34)

  • June 2013 Domaine de la Tour, Nébian (34)

  • June 2013 Open house Atelier La Ruche, Castelnau le Lez (34)

  • May 2013 Salon Pyramid'Arts, La Grande Motte (34)

  • June 2012 Open house Atelier La Ruche, Castelnau le Lez (34)

  • June 2011 Open house Atelier La Ruche, Castelnau le Lez (34)

  • Dec 2010 Galerie La Halle, Castries (34)

  • June 2010 Open house Atelier La Ruche, Castelnau le Lez (34)

  • June 2010 Salon of painters and sculptors, Marseille (13)

  • May 2009 Printemps des Artistes, Sussargues (34)

  • June 2004 Festival of painting, Le Val St Germain (91)

  • May 2003 Group exhibition, Le Val St Germain (91)

  • June 2002 Festival of painting, Le Val St Germain (91)

  • June 2000 CCAS of Ste Geneviève des Bois (91)

  • June 1999 CCAS of Ste Geneviève des bois (91)

  • June 1998 CCAS of Ste Geneviève des Bois (91)

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