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Like the movement produced by a helix, the spiral symbolizes both the movement and the continuity of states of existence, the progressive evolution of levels of consciousness or degrees of initiation acquired little by little ... Rotation and ascent, revolution and elevation, these are the movements that seem to animate the Universe.

Title: Continuum

Technique: Acrylic painting

Support: Linen canvas

Format: 3 times 30 x 30 cm

Year: 2020


This triptych is inspired by the movement of the bird in the sky. He talks about his freedom to move in all directions. The gaze passes from one painting to another following a continuum, that is to say continuously because the canvases were produced at the same time. They can also be presented in a different order vertically or horizontally and will harmonize in any configuration due to the similarity of lines and warm hues.


The upper painting represents the shell of a spiral-shaped snail. The spiral is a symbolic shape that refers to the origin of the world and the cycles of life. Three shapes seem to emerge from this shell gradually moving towards a bird silhouette ...

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