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Title: Infinite Dream

Technique: Mixed technique (charcoal and acrylic)

Support: Linen canvas

Format: 50x 70cm

Year: 2019


A peaceful landscape that can make you think of an allegory or a biblical tale. We can guess a character on the horizon, he is left intentionally imprecise in order to free the viewer's personal interpretation. An immense circle is drawn in the sky, it dominates, protects (?) The character. Organic shapes in relief, reminiscent of the branches of a tree, fly in front of this circle.


The circle signifies unity, wholeness, enlightenment, cycle of life and rebirth, wheel of life, and in many religious traditions, all-seeing and all-knowing eye. The circle is the most common symbol, and of universal significance. It is one of the earliest forms traced by humans. It has no beginning or end, which makes it a universal symbol of eternity, perfection, divinity, infinity ... It represents the cycles of the natural world.

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