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Instinctive and gestural imaginary painting.

The Strength of the line and the contrasts express the splendor of the Nature of the Cévennes (a French National Park in the south).

Profusion of living forms: animal, vegetable, mineral.

Main colors black, white  and blue-grey and turquoise.

Large square format of 200cm in diptych.

Heavyweight paper backing (300g/m2)

Ready to be framed.

Supplied in a roll. 


Cévennes 1 and 2 (diptych)

Sales Tax Included

    Original work by Florence Lauren, delivered with certificate of authenticity

    Secure delivery within 7 days on average

    Technical Technique Mixte
    Support Handcrafted 300g watercolor paper
    Draw Single work


    200cm x 200cm in diptych


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