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  • GREETING CARDS : see the 6 watercolor models

  • ART FOR BIRDS :10% donated to the Protection of Birds (LPO)

  • ART FOR ALLa painting for less than €100


contempory painter Florence Laurent


Flight on the wings of my imagination

FLO has the soul of a researcher, she likes to explore the formats from small to big  but also the techniques : Chinese ink, charcoal, acrylic paint, oil paint, pastels often associated in mixed technique. The themes relate to the relationship of humans to NATURE and LIFE. FLO wishes to alert on the importance of preserving biodiversity, particularly that of birds, and that of landscapes.  Her painting expresses both the contemplation of beauty and the existential anguish linked to its loss. Each work is the result of a complex process that is both instinctive with  gesture that gives vital energy and also an intellectual reflection on balance and harmony. Same abstract paintings refer to nature.


discover the variety of paintings by FLO 



Many birds on earth are in danger of extinction. FLO is a member of the Hérault Bird Protection League (LPO). She undertakes to donate 10% of the sale price of paintings on the theme of birds.

discover all the paintings on the theme of birds

Ancre MOINS 100€
Tableau oiseaux orange et or


FLO offers original paintings from 60€ (shipping included)

as well as limited editions.


discover the variety of works under 100€ 

  AT HOME   see a painting in your interior


There is nothing like a simulation from a photo of your interior, to know if a painting will be in agreement with your interior decoration!

Florence Laurent offers you an "in situ" vision that will answer your questions on the agreement of the format, the colors, the style with your living room, your bedroom...


painting in your home >

REPRODUCTION of paintings in limited edition

Because you like the unique and the original, you are looking to offer an artist's gift?

The artist FLO offers you numbered reproductions of her contemporary paintings.

An exceptional gift at a nice price. You will have a large choice of supports, dimensions, framing which will meet your expectations.

limited edition >

WORKSHOP RDV see he details

You would like to see the paintings of Florence Laurent, the nuances of their colors in natural light, caress their reliefs and get to know the artist.

FLO invites you to make an appointment for a private tour of her studio and a presentation of her latest creations.

visit the studio >

        ORDER      a custom painting



You like the expressionist universe of FLO.


Are you are looking for a customised painting?

Make an appointment to discuss your project with the artist, tell her your desires, your tastes ... and together define the contours of a customised painting.

custom order>

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