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Title: Purification

Technique: Acrylic

Support: Linen canvas

Format: 136 x 98 cm

Year 2013


This large-scale work was inspired by the importance of the water element and its ability to purify bodies.

Technique: This work was done with the canvas on the floor with a very diluted acrylic paint which gives watercolor-like effects. Different layers of transparent colors give an impression of depth to the canvas. The artist also projected the paint to evoke the splash on the dark rock. A great force, movement and vital energy emerge from this canvas.


There is certainly no element that is as rich in symbolism as water, closely linked to birth and regeneration; its purity and transparency blur stains and give a new youth to individuals and objects. If it is the element of purification and protection par excellence, it is also the basic drink essential to life. Water can be a fountain, spring, river, river, torrent, sea ... It can give birth and can swallow; it refreshes, but it can also suffocate. It evokes death as well as life, destruction as well as renewal, purification and sanctification.

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